(photo: c. 1891-1895)
Edward Bailey Shelton,
Nellie Grant Bates, 1874-1927
  From pre-Revolutionary war days Shelton families played their parts in the growth of our Nation. Much is recorded of the Shelton families’ roles in the development of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. There, alongside other pioneer families of the day, Sheltons pushed back the frontiers, risking their lives and fortunes for a life and a posterity they only then dreamed of.
   Shelton families took part in the westward expansion of the nation. They were established in Kentucky less than a hundred years after Daniel Boone first walked through the land. They went from fighting the American Indians on the frontiers of Virginia…to living in the midst of the last great American Indian tribes in the Oklahoma Territories.
   The lineage of Edward Bailey Shelton (Martha [Wall-Shelton] Roper’s g-grandfather) descends two ways from William Shelton of Dan River, VA. One is the paternal line of William through Josiah and George Bailey to George Washington. The other is through Edward’s mother, Eliza Shelton, who was second cousin to his father, George Washington Shelton.
   Edward’s son, Luther Warren Shelton, spent most of his life building roads and highways in the developing lands of Oklahoma and New Mexico. This seems a fitting picture of the Shelton family: Road-builders of the nation.

--Jim Roper        



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